What is Bowenwork®?

One of Europe’s fastest-growing therapies, Bowenwork® is a holistic, soft-tissue technique that relaxes and returns the body to a healing state. It is a part of the overall healing approach I take, which is to treat the whole person, and bring them naturally back to health and balance.

The Bowen moves produce a powerful healing response in the body that improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, aids in the assimilation of nutrients and assists with the elimination of toxins.  This response not only affects the musculoskeletal framework but also the fascia, nervous system and internal organs.  Through the effect on the nervous system, the body relaxes and is able to start the healing process, correcting dysfunctions and restoring balance on a holistic level. This produces relief from pain, stress and illness, regardless of the cause.

Who can have Bowenwork®?

Bowen therapy is safe and recommended for everyone from highly trained athletes to pregnant women, newborn babies, children and the elderly.

Everyone responds to Bowenwork® according to what his or her body needs in order to heal. Often a person’s body begins to respond almost immediately. In most cases, after only a few, gentle moves over muscle and other soft tissue, healing can begin on the physical, chemical, emotional, mental and energetic levels.


What can I expect during a session?

Using only thumbs and fingers, the Bowenwork® therapist performs very subtle rolling moves over muscles, nerves and soft connective tissue, in specific sequences, separated by short rest periods. It is not uncommon for people to fall asleep because it is a deeply relaxing experience.

  • Health history is needed to select best procedures for the conditions presented.
  • Bowenwork® is performed on the massage table.
  • It can be done on bare skin for optimum results, or through light clothing.
  • Expect to be draped professionally for modesty and comfort.
  • 45 to 70 minutes per session depending on what needs to be addressed.

How many sessions will I need?

3-8 sessions are usually required for work related or sports related injuries. Additional sessions may be required for chronic or more complex ailments.

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