Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine.
—Dr. Charles Menninger M.D., (Founder Menninger Clinic)

What is Classical Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is truly Whole Healthcare. It is based in the understanding that you as an individual need individualized care. There are no side effects, and homeopathy works in tandem with other forms of healthcare. It is gentle and natural.

Homeopathy is used extensively in the UK, Europe and India as a major form of healthcare. The result of proper homeopathic treatment is not only a relief of symptoms, but a return to energy, creativity, and strength.

Homeopathy works on all systems of the body, bringing them into balance. Proper homeopathic prescribing has a larger goal: to take away the problem but at the same time, to create better overall health. Better overall health means that you are less susceptible to the same stress the next time.

The Antidote to Prescription Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are not used in the way we use prescription medicines, that is, to stop one symptom, or to contradict it. This is not the goal of homeopathic medicine. Anyone who has used, say, a hammer to remove a staple knows that you can use a tool in a non-optimal way, and the results are not the same.

The goal of classical homeopathy, as in my practice at Vitalizm, is to 
provide precise well-chosen remedies that will help you achieve the best health you possibly can.

Can You Give an Example?

Say you had chronic sinus infections. These came on when it gets cold, you drink milk, or you stay up too late. With homeopathic treatment, your sinus infections would become less frequent and less intense, until they went away, but at the same time, the same stresses of cold weather, milk, and lack of sleep would not bring on a sinus infection.

At the same time, you would feel more energetic, sleep more easily and more deeply, and generally experience better health. Homeopathy is a system of medicine that allows the practitioner to see the whole person and to treat the whole person. This is much like other modalities such as Chinese medicine or Ayurveda. However, in homeopathy, the difference is that homeopathic medicines are used in a very precise way to give the body a precise stimulus to help it heal.

What Conditions Can Homeopathy Help?

Homeopathy is effective for chronic conditions, even those not well addressed by mainstream Western medicine. These diseases include those related to the immune system, nervous system, hormonal imbalances, and other complex disorders. Asthma, allergies, colitis, migraine, mood swings, arthritis, menopause, and PMS are just some of the many imbalances homeopathy helps to correct.

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